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Our Business Activities

Since the commencement of our business operations, Saro Agro-Allied has taken great care in sourcing agricultural products in a sustainable manner and exporting them to our customers globally.

Our greatest business attributes

  • Trust

    We earned trust through credible performance and successful partnership with Schokinag and ADM
  • Specification

    We always provide the exact quality specified.
  • Integrity

    We follow through on agreed contracts without defaulting.
  • Supply Chain Support

    We support farmers to improve their yield and livelihood. Right Partnership: We have reliable channels and partners for credible sustainability activities.
  • Synergy of the Saro Group

    As a member of the Saroafrica International group, we have combined business strength in the Agriculture Sector as a group (Agro Input and Commodity Origination)

In addition to our traditional business operations of product sourcing and exportation, we have repositioned into a Consumer driven sustainable Agric. & Food business Company that will play in the multi seed oil crushing, value added export and marketing of branded food products in Nigeria.

This business investment would see Saro Agro-Allied deliver in the short term:

-Top Quality Rice and Soybean Oil, locally sourced and processed to meet the consumer and industry needs.

-Top quality Non-GMO Soybean meal for local poultry and export market.