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Our Business Activities

Since the commencement of our business operations, Saro Agro-Allied has taken great care in sourcing agricultural products in a sustainable manner and exporting them to our customers globally.

Our greatest business attributes

  • Trust

    We earned trust through credible performance and successful partnership with Schokinag and ADM
  • Specification

    We always provide the exact quality specified.
  • Integrity

    We follow through on agreed contracts without defaulting.
  • Supply Chain Support

    We support farmers to improve their yield and livelihood. Right Partnership: We have reliable channels and partners for credible sustainability activities.
  • Synergy of the Saro Group

    As a member of the Saro Africa International group, we have combined business strength in the Agriculture Sector as a group (Agro Input and Commodity Origination)

In addition to our traditional business operations of product sourcing and exportation, we are looking at investing in the Cassava and Cocoa chains whilst actively exploring other Agricultural value chains.

This business investment would enable Saro Agro-Allied deliver top quality Ethanol and locally produced sustainable chocolate bars.