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About Us

Saro Agro-Allied is a leading agricultural commodities exporting company that started in 1996 as a cocoa trading company. Today, we are a major player in the Cocoa Supply Chain in Nigeria trading both locally and internationally.

We began direct international sales with Schokinag of Germany from 1999 to 2008, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) from 2009 to 2015 and lately Olam from 2016 to date, following the acquisition of ADM Cocoa.

We pioneered the exporting of Organic Cocoa to Europe from Nigeria and this feat was achieved through an efficiently run “out-growers” scheme, certified by the world-renowned Institute of Marketecology, IMO.

Our operations over time have covered sesame seeds, cashew and cocoa-producing communities in Nigeria, where our field-officers work in close proximity with farmers and Licensed Buying Agents, ensuring we have direct information on crop status and local conditions that may affect yield.

We have prime market knowledge as we know the best means of getting good quality produce. Our relationship with the farmers is unparalleled in the Nigerian export industry and this gives us an edge over competition in navigating the local procurement channels in Nigeria.

In line with our goal we have transformed from a short cycle trading business to become a Consumer driven sustainable. Agric. & Food business Company with a medium to long term focus on value creation and capturing for all our stakeholders. We are already taking investment initiatives in this regards.

Our goal is to become a Consumer driven sustainable Agric. & Food business Company

Highlights of Our Story

  • Began operations with the sourcing and exportation of cocoa as a division of Saro Agrosciences selling to the trade houses only.
  • Began business with Schokinag in 1998 thereby changing the business model from origin to industry.
  • Reached 10,000 MT export milestone and became an independent company under the Saroafrica International group.
  • Spread operations to all the Cocoa producing areas of Nigeria (12 buying zones in 6 states)
  • Pioneered Organic Cocoa in 2007 with 503 farmers from 21 villages in 4 states under IMO certification in partnership withSchokinag.
  • Exported the first 450 MT of Organic Cocoa to Schokinag from Nigeria.
  • Commenced business with ADM as a Nigerian local supply partner after the acquisition of Schokinag in 2009.
  • 5,000 direct Cocoa Farmers reached through the Organic Cocoa, UTZ Certification and Golden Cocoa Program.
  • Exported 30,000 MT of Nigerian Cocoa making Saro Agro-Allied the best indigenous cocoa exporter.
  • Won Nigerian Export Promotion Council best Indigenous non-oil Exporter of the year for 2 consecutive years in 2011 and 2012 after exporting 12.5% of Nigeria’s cocoa production.
  • Started Golden Cocoa project in partnership with Saro Agrosciences.
  • Business transformation in 2019 from a short cycle trading business to a Consumer driven sustainable Agric. & Food business Company that will play in the multi seed oil crushing, value added export and marketing of branded food products in Nigeria